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Living Crafts is babywear and underwear of high quality produced in accordance with sustainable and eco-friendly standards

Lanowool offers a range of carefully selected products from Living Crafts – a leading German brand in the organic production of babywear among other products.

For over 30 years, Living Crafts has successfully produced quality clothing made of organic materials.

The company business is based on values such as competencies, trust and integrity. Living Crafts has a long tradition of producing sustainable clothing with regard for the environment and social responsibility. In accordance with this, the company is a certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) manufacturer.

The various raw materials used in the production include:

Organic cotton
The raw cotton from India and Turkey is organically certified, which means organic manure and natural pest control is used. The cotton is hand-picked and produced in accordance with socially responsible standards without for instance employing child labour. Organic cotton absorbs moisture well while still feeling dry. It is durable and easy to clean.
This blend is based on merino wool from Australian sheep and mulberry silk grown in India. The wool is hand-shorn and processed without the use of chemicals. We use only natural enzymes that can be compared to those used in the production of sourdough when baking bread. The wool/silk blend is particularly suitable for persons suffering from allergies or those with sensitive skin. It is a so-called hygroscopic material, which means that it absorbs moisture well while still remaining breathable. It is warm, durable and very comfortable and can be machine-washed at 30 degrees without its quality suffering.
Organic Virgin Wool
The term Virgin Wool describes untreated new wool, and this wool comes from merino sheep which are appropriately bred according to ecological guidelines in Australia. Subsequent processing takes place in Germany/India. The wool contains lanoline (a kind of grease found in sheep wool), which means the wool is almost self-cleaning and efficiently absorbs and neutralizes odours. The material breathes and it is very warm, soft and comfortable to wear, and it does not itch.

Living Crafts does not use pesticides or chemical additives such as softening agents when growing and processing raw materials. Instead, the fabrics are refined thermo-mechanically.

The dyes used in the manufacturing process are all organic and eco-friendly to ensure minimum harm to the environment.

The strong focus on ecology and sustainability is also expressed in Living Crafts’ choice of production materials for e.g. zippers and push buttons that are all chrome- and nickel-free.

Living Crafts epitomises consistency and the company strives to manufacture durable products. The designs are timeless as Living Crafts avoids following fleeting fashion trends.