Lanowool Breast pads in wool. Set of 2 pcs.

Lanowool breast pads is an effective quality product, designed and developed for new-born mothers to make breastfeeding a better and more enjoyable experience for both mother and child.



Lanowool breast pads

Lanowool® breast pads are designed and developed for mothers with newborn babies.

An efficient quality product, Lanowool breast pads are designed and developed for mothers with newborn babies to help breastfeeding become a better and more pleasant experience for mother and child.

The breast pads are made of the finest New Zealand merino wool and are warm and soft against the skin. The materials used in the Lanowool breast pads are 100% paraben-free (no preservatives) reducing the risk of the newborn later developing e.g. allergies.

The wool absorbs the breast milk so that the pad does not stick to the skin and the potentially sore breasts. Wool is breathable and an insulator, which means that the skin and the breast will not feel cold when nursing.

The edges of the Lanowool breast pads are overlocked with wool thread to prevent any discomfort.

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Size guide:

The breast pads come in two sizes: medium/12 cm in diameter or large/15 cm in diameter. Medium fits a blouse size of 8-14 when not pregnant. Size large fits a blouse size 14 and above, or if you have a larger bosom.

Washing instructions:

It is recommended to wash the breast pads by hand in lukewarm water every day at the beginning of the nursing period. A small amount of wool soap or paraben-free shampoo is good for washing out the milk fat. Subsequently rinse a couple of times. Machine washable using a wool programme. Once the breast milk has stabilized, it is recommended to wash the breast pads once a week. 5% shrinkage is to be expected.


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Large 15 cm, Medium 12cm

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