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Baby booties lambskin – Salamanca

Baby booties made of lambskin – the natural choice for little feet. Allows the foot freedom and natural movements enabling the child to use all muscles.



Baby booties lambskin

Baby booties made of lambskin – fantastic for your baby’s feet. Produced in New Zealand.

Elasticated at the ankle, so that the bootie stays on the foot without being too tight. Allows the feet to maintain body temperature.

Extremely flexible little baby bootie that doesn’t restrict the natural movements of the foot. It will feel like walking barefooted. Bare feet or skin booties are best for children aged 0-2 years. Soft skin booties allow the foot the freedom to enable the child to grip with the toes and use all muscles. Bare feet/skin booties also give children a much better balance than shoes.

More color choices:

Also available in the colours Creme, Grey and Choko.

Available in three sizes.

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