Hat in Merino Possum – Black

The hat in Merino Possum consists of a long double-layered knitted tube that provides extra warmth and comfort.
Can be pulled out to a hood that can hang slightly down the back and with a narrower front edge. Lovely warm in the cold winter.
For this we also have matching mittens.
Suitable for both men and women.


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Hat in Merino Possum.

Hat in Merino Possum is an exclusive product from New Zealand in a mixture of 60% merino wool and 40% opossum coat. This blend means that the products are up to 30% warmer than traditional wool products. The reason is that opossum fur fibers – in relation to other types of fur such as e.g. cashmere, wool and angora – are hollow and contain more air, giving a higher degree of insulation and a light water-repellent material. When the fur from opossum is combined with merino wool you get a warm and very soft material. At the same time, the mixture of merino wool and opossum coat means that the material does not begin to float.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable (wool wash) and should be dried lying down. Does not tolerate drying. As an alternative, Merino Possum products can instead be aired outside – preferably in frost temperatures – then the coat in the material comes out beautifully.

Facts about Opossum:

Opossum is a herbivorous marsupial that lives exclusively in New Zealand and Australia. It should not be confused with the American carnivorous opossum. In New Zealand, opossum is well known – not least due to its negative effect on the country’s unique ecosystem. There are about 80 million opossums in New Zealand, and they are considered to be one of the worst herbivorous pests as they love to eat their local and rare plants. In a single night, a bunch of opossum, e.g. Eat a whole tree.

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