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Bodystocking long sleeve

Long-sleeved body stocking from Living Crafts in 70% organic untreated wool and 30% silk. The body has chrome and nickel-free metal snaps between the legs. The envelope requirements make it easy to get on and off. Has small contrast stripes at the neck and legs. Design and color are suitable for both girl and boy.



Long-sleeved body stocking

One long-sleeved body stocking you just have to have in the basic wardrobe.

The wool / silk blend provides a temperature-equalizing material that absorbs heat / moisture from the skin, yet is breathable. This mixture is therefore particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies and people with sensitive skin.

Organic wool and cotton are the most optimal to choose for your baby, as it is grown without the use of harmful substances and processed in a gentle way, with care for both your child and the environment.

Washing instructions:

Can be machine washed at 30 degrees, silk or wool program.

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