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Gloves in Merino wool and Possum fur.

Gloves in Merino Possum are the purest luxury for your hands in the winter’s cold, in a blend of 60% merino wool and 40% opossum coat. For this we also have matching hats.



Gloves in blend of Merino wool and Possum fur

These gloves from Merino Possum are up to 30% warmer than traditional wool products. The reason is that opossum fur fibers – in relation to other types of fur such as e.g. cashmere, wool and angora – are hollow and contain more air, giving a higher degree of insulation and a light water-repellent material. When the fur from opossum is combined with merino wool you get a warm and very soft material. At the same time, the mixture of merino wool and opossum coat means that the material does not begin to float.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable (wool wash) and should be dried lying down. Does not tolerate drying. As an alternative, Merino Possum products can instead be aired outside – preferably in frost temperatures – then the coat in the material comes out beautifully.

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